I have a blog!

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So you may have already noticed, but along with a fresh new website, I have a blog!


Now I know, having a blog is anything but novel in the world of photography. In fact it might come as a shock to some that I’ve managed to be a photographer for this long without one! For many photographers a blog is practically a prerequisite.  And to be honest I did have a private blog when I was first getting started.  But I’m not sure it counts when your readership can be numbered on one hand. 

So why start now? 


Well to answer that question, you might need to understand a bit more of my backstory.

For quite some time I have deliberately been keeping myself from jumping on the everyone-is-doing-it-blogging-bandwagon. 

Yes, I've heard all about the fantastic business benefits of blogging.

Yes, I've spent countless hours reading other photographer's blogs.

Yes, I am in fact a fan of blogs in general. I honestly think blogs are great!   

But I remained unconvinced that the world needed another one. Even more unconvinced that I should be the one to write it.

You see, to me a blog meant uncomfortable exposer.  It meant putting my work out there where everybody and anybody could see it.

It also meant needing to know exactly what I was talking about, because if I was going to post words other people where going to read I should be an expert, right?

As the years went by, I gained more confidence in my work and in my voice, but I still felt resolved that a blog was way too much of a time commitment!  I knew that the kind of beautiful and purposeful content I saw on other photographers blogs took a lot of time to create and that the golden rule of good blogging was consistency. Plus I told myself that all those other photographers were doing a great job and already had it covered.

But even more than all my other reasons put together....my biggest hang up?          

Truly, deep down the reason I didn't want a blog? I knew I'd need it to be perfect! 

I knew I wouldn't be happy doing it halfway. I knew myself. That I'd write and re-write and backspace like I'm doing right now and then still cringe at the thought of other people reading words I wrote when I went to hit the publish button. I knew I'd spend WAY too much time deliberating over which images to post. And then change my mind because one thing didn't look just right. I knew all too well how this would turn out; either I'd let it eat up time I needed for other more important business tasks or I'd stay up all night working on it. 
Neither of those options qualified it for the "good idea" category.

So I told myself no. No blog for me.





Not happening.


And I've been contentedly living in a blog free cocoon ever since. But what I didn't realize is that I was changing. Growing. Maturing.  Isn't that's what cocoons are for? Transformation.

What you might expect next from where this analogy is going, is for me to say that I woke up one morning with all the carefree confidence of a butterfly ready to test her wings and that was the day this blog was born. 

Not quite...I'm still a perfectionist. I’m working on it, but writing this post has taken me longer then I care to admit.

Yet there is a purpose stirring in my heart. One that says it's time for something new. 

Time to give back a bit of what I've received. 

Time to open up and share.

Time to start a blog.

So welcome friend,  to my blog.

I hope you'll feel at home.

Put the kettle on, pour yourself a cup tea, & stay a while.



chenoa allyse


p.s. While you're here I'd love for you to comment below and tell me - what's your favourite kind of tea?

If you don't even like tea, please feel free to use the comment section anyway.