Rocky Mountain Engagement // Let's Reminisce

Confession time: I am the worst at posting #throwbackthursday or #flashbackfriday images on Instagram. I'm a fan of the concept but somehow my timing is always off. I will come across old photos on a Monday or in this case Saturday but always forget by Thursday. Maybe that's why I love when Facebook tells me a have memories to look back on, Facebook doesn't discriminate about which day of the week it is. Memories can happen any day! And while I'll agree that Facebook doesn't get everything right, this little feature never gets old. I for one never ceases to be amazed when they show me what was happening in my life this exact day last year, the year before that or even five years ago! 

I've always enjoyed looking through old photographs and believe that memories, just like fine wine or the really gooood cheese, become better with age! This is part of the reason photography has always been important to me, pictures take me right back to the moment. When I look at an image from the past, I can relive it as if it was yesterday. Pictures fill in all the blanks. They help me to remember well.

And truth be told I've taken thousands (in all honesty, its probably more like hundreds of thousands) of images that I have never shared online. I have hard drives chalked full, terabytes upon terabytes of photos from my blog-less years! Some our my own personally memories, others belong to our incredible brides and grooms or our Let There Be Light families that have trusted us along the way. So after looking though some of these pictures, I've decided to start a new series pulling images from the archives and sharing them on the same day that the event took place. 

I'm calling it, "Let's Reminisce", and over the next year I will be sharing everything from past Weddings & Life is Beautiful sessions to travel photos.  I'd love for you to join me on these little trips down memory lane. 

So to start it all off, Facebook reminded me this morning that May 21st happens to be the day we took Christopher and Samantha's rocky mountain engagement photos! This couple is pretty amazing, and I'll never forget meeting them for the first time in Canmore to talk wedding plans & take their engagement photos! We even got to do one of our favourite hikes, the Grassi Lakes Trial while on the job. 

One of the beautiful thing and memorable things about this couple was when they talked about their relationship, they knew the importance of commitment; and spoke of building a marriage that would stand the test of time. They had chosen each other and they were excited to vow, "Till death do us part".  Well, this summer they will be five years married and still going strong on their journey of lifelong love!


- Audrey Hepburn