Manning Family // Life Is Beautiful Session

As a photographer, you learn to work in all kinds of weather, but I have to say that with the variety of temperature we've had over the last few weeks, I'm so grateful that the evening we spent with the Manning family felt more like mid August than the first Saturday in May! 

We had such a delightful time with this family, from creating studio style portraits in the comfort of their own home to playing on the beach. There was so much love and some truly priceless moments that we felt so privileged to capture.

And what you might not see by just scrolling through these images is how dedicated these parents were to getting genuine smiles on the faces of their little ones. When kids are hot and tired, it's not easy to keep them smiling, so major credit for all these super adorable expressions goes to mom and dad for knowing their kids, taking snack breaks and having the attitude that made photo taking fun for everyone! So now you know the secret to great family photos.  Enjoy some of our favourite shots of these four.

"Children learn to smile from their parents."  - Shinichi Suzuki