McLaren Family // Life Is Beautiful Session

I'm excited to be able to share this beautiful session with all of you. 

There is a great story behind these pictures.  And it all starts back in 2012 when Sarah contacted me to set up a secret photo shoot as a surprise for their mom's birthday! We conspired and planned a time she would be away to capture some portraits of her five kids on their acreage. We used her birth date as the gallery password, and it turned out to be a lovely surprise for her! And those pictures have been on their walls ever since. But time passes quickly and kids have a way of growing up. So four years latter, it was Dad's turn to be surprised! Which is why I couldn't share these pictures earlier. It was top secret, until his birthday!

I love capturing siblings together. That bond is so close to my heart and therefore one of my favourite relationships to photograph.  On top of that this family just knows how to have a good time, and how to laugh!!! (it may or may not have been my posing demonstrations they found funny) but at some points I was the one laughing too hard to take pictures. Add to that the gorgeous spring sunshine, some chickens, the family dog, oh, and the bull who knocked down the fence and you have all the ingredients of a phenomenally a fun photo shoot!

Life isn't a matter of milestones, but of moments.  

- Rose Kennedy