Here's what some of our let there be light brides and grooms are saying

Before you read the reviews, I want to give a short introduction to our Let There Be Light brides & grooms.

My team and I have had the opportunity to work with couples that inspire us and remind us that true love still exists!  I've dedicated this space for them to share with you from their perspective, but it would be remiss of me not to mention how incredibly humbled and grateful we feel to witness their love stories and be entrusted with the privilege of documenting them!

"They helped us feel relaxed and we had so much more fun being photographed than we expected. "

My husband Connor and I approached Let There Be Light when we got engaged because they came highly recommended by basically all of our family and friends! They had done photo sessions for Connor's sister and his family raved about the results; so we decided that if the dates worked out we would book them for both our engagement and wedding photos.

The girls were amazing right from the beginning. They were thoughtful and organized which immediately impressed us. Then we had our engagement session and we knew we had made the perfect choice. They helped us feel relaxed and we had so much more fun being photographed than we expected. On our wedding day they were just as thoughtful and they worked tirelessly to capture beautiful moments that we will be able to look back on forever!

The completed photos were better than I dreamed they'd be and I am so thankful to have hired Let There Be Light as our photographers. Not only because they are excellent at what they do, but also because they have such warm and beautiful spirits and I am genuinely very happy to know them.

 - Kara & Connor

"we would choose them again in a heartbeat!"

The Let There Be Light Photography team is so talented! We were so blessed to have found them for our engagement and wedding photos. 

They beautifully captured not only the classic formal pictures, but also the ever cherished candid moments, and all the little details - all wonderfully representing the memories of the day. They were so easy to work with, gliding through the day discreetly, professionally, with a stunning and creative outcome. We have people tell us all the time that our wedding photos are amazing and some of the best work they have seen. Many of our friends have since chosen them as photographers, finding the same delight in their work. 

We would choose them again in a heartbeat!

 - Melissa & Dean


   "we couldn't be happier..."

Chenoa and Pilar captured our day PERFECTLY! They communicated with us constantly, and even prepared the photo locations onsite the day before our wedding. 

Not only are they incredibly organized, talented and creative, they were so fun and easy going. They fit into every aspect of our big day! 

We couldn't be happier with every single photo that was captured! Thank you Let There Be Light for capturing our most sacred memories so we can relive the best day ever!

- Sarah & Andrew


"one of the best decisions we made"

When we first got engaged and started navigating through choices of photographers, we had three main considerations to help us narrow our choices:  
-quality/style of their work, 
-cost effectiveness, 
-and how comfortable we felt with the people who were going to be capturing our special day. 
Fortunately, we found all three of those elements with Let There Be Light!

From the very beginning, Chenoa and Pilar were very friendly, receptive, patient and thorough with answering our many questions. They were able to provide us with suggestions and direction while not at all being forceful in anyway – truly the experience was ours with just some gentle guidance from their expertise. This dynamic permeated through the whole process of engagement photos, the wedding day, photo selection, and the making of our very own wedding book. The finished products of their work is something that we are very happy with, and will cherish for the rest of our lives.

Let There Be Light is an extremely hardworking, reliable and dedicated team that is truly passionate about their craft and the clients they work with. Overall, it was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding, and we would recommend them to anyone!

 - Kim & Bryson

"I was free as the bride to totally enjoy myself"

The wedding day felt seamless; they made it all look so simple, and I was free as the bride to totally enjoy myself, knowing they had my back and took deep and careful interest--not just in what was important to us, but IN us personally.  

Let There Be Light helped sort all the picture options, family-related questions, and special requests with a thorough interview and follow up conversations.

The professionalism, picture quality, and prompt timing made our wedding process so much easier.

 - Chloe & Reid

Some of my wedding day did not go the way I had imagined. For months we had planned to have our wedding outside. It was beautiful! 

Chenoa took the time to come out a month ahead of time to scope out all the locations we had chosen. Rain was forecasted for our wedding day, but we didn't imagine that we would have the downpour and tornado like conditions that we experienced later in the afternoon. It really put a stress and damper on the whole day; 150+ seating had to be rushed indoors, and people making their way to our ceremony were pulled off on the highway.

Chenoa and her team were able to get wonderful shots of the bridal party just in time, before the rain started.  They had such a light, positive attitude through out the day...Not too much, not too little; they were genuine in their work.  They did their job well and got the shots they needed and they were what I needed to encourage me on. Now when I look back on our wedding day, having her team there is what really lifted my day! Even more than my family, friends, or bridesmaids.... it was Let There Be Light Photography! They were my friends on that day, and their presence alone made it worth the miserable conditions.

I will always be grateful that Chenoa was able to get great photos for us despite my downcast attitude which matched the weather.  I would recommend them for any type of photography you are needing. Someone who really cares AND does great work is very much worth your time, finances, and heart! I sincerely hope that we are able to use them again for the next crazy weather photo opportunity that arises! 

I look at the photos everyday

I look at the photos everyday! I have passed them around to my co-workers, and family. The comment that I get the most is that the photos are STUNNING.

 - Laura & Matt


"the work they do allows for the bride and groom to trust them"

We hired the best wedding photography company ever!
Chenoa (& her team) were absolutely phenomenal!!! We couldn't be happier with the level of professionalism, creative excellence, innovation, enthusiasm for their work and unique aesthetic design. 

Thank you for making me feel like a princess on the most important day of my life! And making our wedding frozen in time as we look through our photo album :)

Throughout the planning process the girls were helpful and had wonderful ideas of how to capture every special moment and their knowledge of the work they do allows for the bride and groom to trust them and not have to worry about getting perfect pictures. 

 - Morgaine & Luke

"We loved their style of bright, clear and colourful photos."

Our experience with LTBL was truly exceptional and we were so happy with our wedding photos! My (now) husband and I don't often take photos together so we looked forward with anticipation to our photo sessions with Chenoa and Pilar. 

It was so easy to choose them to be our wedding photographers because we loved their style of bright, clear and colourful photos. They are so friendly and so passionate about their work. On our first initial meeting, we felt like we could be ourselves and transparent in our thoughts when we discussed the plans of our wedding. When we did our engagement photo shoot, it was a great opportunity to get to know LBTL's style and approach and we never felt awkward. They were able to suggest creative ideas and made us feel relaxed and natural. All our anxieties faded away and we knew we could trust LTBL to capture the moments of our wedding.  And on the big day, my husband and I had so much fun! We had such an incredible time (we almost forgot that our photos were being taken) and everything went very smoothly!

We could also sense our guests were also enjoying LTBL's professionalism and patience. When we received our photos a few months later, it was so amazing to see the quality of each photo and attention to details. Our photos had such warm depth and emotions were captured at the right moments. Our set of photos exceeded our expectations and we know that our memories will be well kept through them. We loved the company of these two skilled photographers and we couldn't have been more grateful for their expertise and work! 

 - Tobi & Timmy

"Being a photographer myself our pictures were very important to me."

Our wedding day, what a beautiful wonderful day! God blessed us with such a special wedding day and those memories were captured beautifully by Let There Be Light Photography! 

Being a photographer myself our pictures were very important to me. I knew I wanted someone who had a lot of talent and who did not "over edit" the pictures. Let There Be Light took phenomenal pictures just using editing to enhance their already amazing work. Their vibrant beautiful style made them my number one choice for our photographers! 

Another thing that I loved about Chenoa and Pilar is how from the time they got into town, yes they traveled to Texas, they fit right in with my family and felt like a part of everything! It was never uncomfortable, they were professional and yet relaxed. What a delight to have them document our wedding day! 

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